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•   Susan Holland (Taylor)  9/1
•   Phyllis Hampton (Casada)  9/1
•   David A. Lanphear (David Lanphear)  8/30
•   Sheila Coombs (Marcum)  8/28
•   Steve Marcum  8/28
•   James S. Tyrie  8/28
•   Eddie D. Taylor  8/27
•   Marilyn Cox (Green)  8/22
•   Betty Hayden (Watt)  8/21
•   William F. (Bill) Cates, Jr.  8/21
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

4 live in Alabama
1 lives in Arkansas
5 live in California
2 live in Connecticut
13 live in Florida
11 live in Georgia
1 lives in Illinois
8 live in Indiana
1 lives in Kansas
197 live in Kentucky
1 lives in Maine
2 live in Maryland
1 lives in Michigan
3 live in Missouri
1 lives in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
5 live in North Carolina
6 live in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
2 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Rhode Island
2 live in South Carolina
18 live in Tennessee
8 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
2 live in Virginia
2 live in Washington
2 live in West Virginia
1 lives in Austria
1 lives in Japan
41 location unknown


•   John Gardner (Potter Gray Alum)  9/23
•   Larry Gardner (Potter Gray Alum)  9/23
•   Alison Reneau (Leathers)  9/23
•   Caroll Reneau (Pride)  9/23
•   Fredia Flowers  9/25
•   Jo Ann Sears (Neighbors)  9/25
•   Patricia Carter (Johnson)  9/26
•   Steven A. Keck  9/28
•   Carol Ann Cashman (Gilbert)  10/1
•   Michael S. Hays  10/3
•   Ernest Alexander  10/11
•   Harriett Holderfield (Sawyer)  10/11
•   Berry M. Donnelly  10/12
•   Deborah Leigh Simpson (Robbins)  10/13
•   Russell Causey  10/17
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Welcome to the Bowling Green High Class Of 1971 web site. Add any additional home page content here...


Attention Class of 71!!! We will be having a 50 Year Reunion in 2021!!! Can you believe we’ve been out of High School for nearly 50 Years!!! WOW...time flies!!! A few of our Classmates from Bowling Green are getting together soon to brainstorm about our 50th Reunion but we want to hear from you? Please share your thoughts on when and where you would like to have the Reunion? Would you like  to have it in the Fall again and go to a Purples Football game or in the Summer? It’s a Big Reunion so we want to celebrate big with Dinner or Heavy Appetizers,  DJ and have a Bar serving Wine and Beer as well as non-alcoholic drinks. I have a few places in mind to host our Reunion but need to make sure it’s agreeable with everyone? The former Scott Tobacco Warehouse on Adams Street has been converted into a Wedding Venue and would be perfect for our gathering but we have to check our Class funds to see where we stand and how much to charge each person for our Reunion? Please fill out the Survey below!!!  So let the planning begin!!! Go Purples!!! 

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1)   When would you like to have our 50th Reunion?

  Fall of 2021
  Summer of 2021
  Spring of 2021
2)   Would you like to go to a BGHS Football game if we have a Fall Reunion?

3)   Would you like to go in a tour of the High School?

4)   Would you like to have a Dinner Served at the Reunion on Saturday night or Heavy Appetizers?

  Heavy Appetizers
5)   Would you like Awards to be presented at our 50th Reunion? Most Changed, Least Changed, who has the most Grandchildren, etc.

6)   Would you like to have a DJ or Band play or our Reunion on Saturday night?

7)   Would you like Beer and Wine served at our Reunion?

8)   How likely is it that you would attend the BGHS Class of 71 50th Reunion?

  Very likely
  No , I won’t be making it.
9)   If you are attending our 50th Reunion would you consider paying $75.00 to $100.00 per person for Dinner/Heavy Appetizers, DJ, Bar and Venue Rental?